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For research purposes in the library's holdings we offer different local catalogues. Our main catalogue lists the holdings of the library of the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities. Furthermore, this catalogue contains the  holdings of the various research groups working in the fields of Greek and Roman Antiquities (classification scheme) and Oriental studies.

The up to recent conventional card indexes are currently converted to an electronic catalogue. Not yet corrected titles are marked with "Noch nicht redaktionell bearbeitet".

The complete library holdings of periodicals can be found in the main catalogue.

A list with the continued periodicals and series of the library can be found here.

With the electronic library of periodicals you get access to licensed periodicals of the Library of the Academy as well as to various freely available periodicals covering all fields of the sciences and humanities. Please note that the free access to licensed periodicals is only possible when you are within the Academy. External users have to registrate.

The catalogue of the long-term project of the academy "Jahresberichte für deutsche Geschichte" (Yearly reports on German History) offers references to German history.

Moreover we offer access to the holdings of cooperating libraries, such as the catalogue on the Research center European Enlightenment.

The digitized card indexes of both the Ancient Middle East, Central Asia, South East, and Far East and the Ancient China Image Public Access Catalogues (IPACs) register holdings, that up to now have not been introduced into the main catalogue.

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