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help for the OPACs

You can use the databases in two different ways:

  • investigation with the Index of the database
  • investigation with the help of logic combinations

using the index of the database

Each database has nine indexes, in which the data entries are indexed and sorted according to contentdriven aspects. You can take a look at the indexes with your chosen section.

  • select the index, whose section you want to look at (click on the triangle on the right side of the input field to see the other indexes),
  • enter a term as the beginning of the section of the index
  • select the maximal number of lines you want to see

The result will be a section of the chosen index with the number of entries belonging to each term of the index.

using logic combinations

Some general terms in the indexes offer access to many entries. In such cases you can refine your results combining various search terms. Your retrieval results will thus be less numerous.

The databases offer three fields for combinatory search:

  • a person's name
  • up to two keywords

Person's names must be entered with lower case. They have the following form in the index:

    surname, first name
In most cases it is sufficient to enter only the first letters to retrieve the requested person. Similar and longer entries are searched automatically. Advice: so called wildcards are not allowed. They are interpreted like normal letters.

The keywords that are used for the search for keywords correspond to the subject index (Index No. 3) of the database. As well, these words must be entered in small letters. The advice for the wildcards is valid, too.

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