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Book sponsorship - support us

The library of the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy od Sciences and Humanities is one of the oldest library establishments in Berlin and Brandenburg and can look back on an almost 300 year history. German and international academy texts, texts by and about Academy members of the Berlin Academy of Sciences and texts on the history of science form the core of the library's collection. With approx. 120,000 volumes, the library has historically very valuable old holdings of books - these holdings are part of our cultural heritage. A large number  of the these books are externally damaged, through centuries of use and especially due to inappropriate outhousing conditions during the 2nd  World War. Consequently, the use of the these books is either limited or they have been withdrawn from public use completely. Damage to the book cover and book block, water damage, mould, ink deterioration, insect and worm damage and the threat of paper deterioration are the most common findings. Even the most urgent needs for restoration and conservation measures cannot be met by the very limited public funding which the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities receives.

This is why we are turning to all book friends of the Academy: please support us with a donation. Save our old holdings and allow them to be passed on to future generations.

How can I adopt a book?

  • Choose a book from the list of titles for which you want to take over either the complete restoration costs or part of the restoration costs. All amounts, however small, are welcome!
  • When the donation is received it will be confirmed by a donation receipt which is tax deductible.
  • Donators can view the chosen book in the library before and after restoration.
  • If they wish, donators are named on the library's website.
  • Donators who have taken over the complete restoration costs for a book can, if they wish, be named in a book-plate in the book.
  • Donators receive a letter from the Head of the Library of the Academy with a copy of the title page of the sponsored book.

Account for Donations

BBAW, Development Association „Collegium pro Academia“
Dresdner Bank, Account no.: 409 464 12 00,  Bank sort code: 120 800 00
Purpose / as payment for: Book sponsorship, Details of the book's shelf-mark

International Bank Connection:
Dresdner Bank AG;  SWIFT-BIC: DRES DE FF;  IBAN: DE58  12080000  4094641200
Purpose / as payment for: Book sponsorship, Details of the book's shelf-mark

If you want to sponsor a particular book, look at the list of titles. Here you will find a shelf-mark for each work, description of the damage, envisaged restorative work and estimated costs of these.

If you have any further questions, please contact:
Dr. Stefan Wiederkehr, Library of the Academy, Jägerstraße 22/23, 10117 Berlin,
Tel.:  +49 (30) / 20370-487, e-mail:

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