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The Library of the Academy, founded at the start of the 18th century together with the Electoral Society of Sciences of Brandenburg, holds a complete collection of all of the publications from the nearly 300 years of the learned society's existence. Today's holdings amount to roughly 650,000 media items and around 730 current journal subscriptions.

The library collects texts from both German and foreign academies of sciences, learned societies and other scientific societies as well as scientific organisations and organisations funding research.  Academy texts are items such as year books published by academy chairs, reports from meetings, treatises, academy journals, member directories, publications directories and interpretations of the history of the academies, publications on congresses and other scientific events of the academies and scientific societies. Also collected are: publications from classes, commissions, working groups, as well as the academies' intentions and long-term projects.

Texts by the members of the Academies of Sciences of Berlin and texts about them have been acquired from the founding of the Electoral Society of Sciences of Brandenburg in the year 1700 to the present day. The main focus of collecting activities lies with the honourable members. However, collecting activities go above and beyond this, especially when dealing with historically famous characters of the scientific world who held a different membership status. A compete collection of all of the members' texts or publications about them is not possible. However, the library aims acquire all of the important publications, especially first editions, editor's final editions, editions and dedications to the Academy; in short, a representative cross section of publishing activity. Independent publications have precedence, a selection of single publications are collected. Publications whereby Academy members either are or were editor are also collected.


A selection of reference and source books as well as reading room literature is collected. This includes encyclopaedias, lexica, general and subject-specific dictionaries, standard works of the individual subject areas, bibliographic and biographic reference works as well as other information materials.

The library continues to collect texts on scientific research and development, on scientific politics, scientific and research organisations, scientific and research economics, scientific theory, sociology and history. The main focus in the area of scientific history is placed on scholarly history and the history of institutions, the history of individual knowledge areas, scientific prognosis and methods.

Periodicals and other publications of an interdisciplinary nature form a further focus point for the Library of the Academy. These are of interest to the Academy management and are also used by other Academy institutions. Literature from adjacent fields and newly developing knowledge areas is also taken into consideration.

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